Software Zone

Specialized Programming Langusges

C, C++, VC++, Java, Java Script

Our Expertise

ARM and MIPS Embedded Linux programming.
X86 Linux Programming.
8051 / PIC firmware programming.
Windows programming.
Drivers programming.
Web page design.

Network data security and transportation.
Digital video and audio protocol processing and transportation.

Successful Projects

*IP Camera -
     .GM/TI ARM series Linux platform.
     .RALINK MIPS series Linux platform.
     .D1 ~ 1080P Full HD Camera.
     .RTSP / RTP / RTCP Server.
     .Windows ActiveX and VLC live play.

*Mobile DVR -
     .GM ARM series Linux platform.
     .1 ~ 4 channel(s).
     .Windows playback.

*MP4 Player -
     .Windows platform.
     .H264 video.
     .AAC audio.
     .Google Map.
     .Google Earth.
     .Youtube upload.

*Dynamic DNS Server Station -
     .Windows platform.
     .Offer registration function for stations of dynamic IPs.
     .Update corresponding IP of registered domain name.
     .Resolve domain name.

*Internet secure data transportation -
     .Unix / Windows platform.

*Light pen positioning system for projector -
     .86 series Linux platform.

*2.4G wireless TV box -
     .8051 platform.
     .2.4GHz to transfer analog video.
     .433MHz to transfer IR signal.
     .I2C controls periphery components.

Customer Service

Eagerly want to understand ARM Linux in detail? We provide GM8126 evaluation kit and its firmware. Make you easily feel the power of ARM Linux.

Not only that. Powerful GM8287 evaluation kit provides multiple 1080p HD input videos to fit your needs.

This is demo of GM8126 + OV9715 720P HD IP Camera. Use account:root and password:root to login. You can browse all the settings without modifying them. Video may be connected by all kinds of browsers. Video connection limited to 30 minutes. At most 5 video connections are allowed.

We are also reputed professionals in developing custom software projects.