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Before clicking here to download
Please carefully read and agree to the following descriptions.

1. Introduction to cam_control
    cam_control must be run on MS Windows.

    It is very easy to connect to standard RTSP IP cameras.
    Monitoring remote realtime video and audio.
    Easily do video/audio recording and picture taking.

    Lists all the Diginfo provided IP Cameras on LAN and on Wi-Fi network.
    So you don't need memorize the IP numbers of those cameras.

    The most important thing is that the devices connected to camera
    can be easily controlled. For example: Wi-Fi controlled cars, industrial
    equipments, anti-theft devices, signal equipments ....
    Click here for demos of WiFi remote controlled car
    with camera.

    Even more amazing is that it can track faces.

2. Operation
    This program is trying to be as easy and intuitive as possible.
    Navigate list of Control, all the supported controls will be shown.
    For example: Led Control, Car Control.
    Click Details button, all the keyboard keys and their usages used by
    this control will be shown..
    Any comments and suggestions for this program and Diginfo are
    always welcome.
    Click here for ways to contact us.

3. Picture taking, Video Recording and Barcode Reading
    Right click with the mouse on the video window, the menus for
    picture taking, video recording and barcode reading will appear.
    Or you can just press F1 keyboard key to snapshot picture,
    F2 key to record video or F3 key scan barcode.

4. Face Tracking
    The resolution of video must be at least 720p (1280x720) to do face
    When your front face is toward the camera, it will be locked by green

    Please refer to the following image for the settings of face tracking.
    For those computers with low performance. It is better to set the value
    of "Face Fracking Frequency" to one second or above. Or just disable
    the function of face tracking.

5. Notice
    This is the only legal web site to download cam_control.
    Copyright of cam_control belongs to Diginfo Technology Co. Taiwan.
    Download Then cam_control_setup.exe
    can be decompressed. Run cam_control_setup to install cam_control
    to desktop.
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